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Founding of the company - Nobo AS

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Initiated And Co-Founded By Norse Combinator.

Nobo Capital was initiated by Norse Combinator, which held experience and expertise in the field, and had for a longer period of time been considering expanding this part of the business. Together with related business partners, Nobo AS was thus founded on July 29th, 2019. Nobo is a Norwegian registered company located in Oslo, NO.

Our derivative trading is in no way based upon speculation!

Purpose Of Business

The purpose of the company is to generate income by trading financial contracts. Preferably equity options, index options and volatility contracts, but without restrictions to include other types of derivatives, stock trading related to options positions and other types of financial instruments if desirable. We mainly write contracts and our trading is in no way based upon speculation. We aim to initiate trades with low probability of assignment. Handling and limiting risk is essential and our main focus. If any underlying seems to go relentlessly against any of our positions, we will use financial engineering to avoid or minimise any loss. Only in a very small amount of cases we’ll take assignment and use The Options Wheel to write calls or puts against it until it’s called or put away.

Investing In Nobo AS

Although Norse Combinator, with Rune Følstad at the forefront, was the initiator, Nobo was co-founded by five originated shareholders. The plans are further to establish the company during the first business years, to later raise additional share capital when the company can show a satisfactory return on capital. If our business model seems interesting to you, contact us for more information about the company and to be invited to participate in any forthcoming share issue.

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